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Get involved today: Nominations open for ACHE CTx Chapter

Getting involved with your local chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives can offer a variety of benefits. Not only will you have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field, but you will also have access to educational resources and events that can help further your career. By getting involved, you can stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices while also making meaningful connections with fellow healthcare executives. In addition, volunteering your time and expertise to the organization can provide a sense of fulfillment and give back to the healthcare community. Overall, becoming ...

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News: Medicare Advantage now represents more than half of Medicare enrollees

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently released a report, shedding light on some fascinating trends in the Medicare Advantage space. According to the report, an impressive 51 percent of enrollees have now made the switch to Medicare Advantage plans. In addition, it highlighted the dominance of UnitedHealthcare and Humana, which together account for about half of all MA enrollees. These statistics indicate a significant shift in preferences and choices when it comes to Medicare coverage. See more of the KFF article and visualizations on trends throughout the Medicare Advantage landscape. Linked here>> Impact on Rural hospitals Rural Texas hospitals are taking steps to ...

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Pushing health care voices to the top of the agenda

Those who attended the 2022 ACHE Central Texas Chapter Annual Banquet in Georgetown in November will recall a deep dive into the potential outcomes and threats that emerge from narrow margins of electoral victory among political parties. We were only a week or so past the mid-term election. At the time, we highlighted how the narrow margin of legislative leadership in the U.S. House would affect the tone of the democratic conversation going forward as a handful of a certain class of leaders might find for themselves a larger share of voice. As predicted, the impact of the narrowness of the Republican ...

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Mentorship in leading organizations

As healthcare leaders, we have a responsibility to address the needs of our communities in various aspects.  An important focus is to ensure that we have engaged young (and not-so-young) leaders who are prepared to address the issues of the future.  That is one reason why I have such a passion for mentoring emerging leaders. Prior to moving to Waco and becoming the ACHECTX President, I served as the President of the North Texas Chapter.  North Texas is known throughout ACHE for having the leading mentorship program in the country as we employed a rigorous interview process to match approximately 60 mentor-mentee ...

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