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December 8, 2023

Written by: admin_1

Message From Cristian Lieneck, PhD, FACHE
ACHE Regent
Fall 2023

Fall is here! The holidays are here!!!
As the vibrant tapestry of fall unfolds across our region, it brings with it a refreshing crispness to the air and a rich palette of autumnal hues that paint our landscapes with strokes of amber, crimson, and gold. This season of transformation is not only a feast for the eyes but also a herald of the festive times to come. We welcome the fall with open arms, embracing the cooler temperatures and the promise of gathering with friends and family to create cherished memories. Let us revel in the beauty that this season bestows upon us, taking the time to appreciate the simple pleasures that life offers.

Full disclosure folks – I used ChatGPT to write that paragraph… But it sounds good, right?…

The ‘crispness’ and ‘palette’ may have been a little much. I get it.

The upcoming holidays are a time for gratitude, reflection, and togetherness. As we step into this heartwarming phase of the year, let us remember to extend our warmth to those around us, celebrating the traditions that bring us together and the new ones we will create. Whether it’s through the sharing of a meal, the exchange of stories, or the giving of thanks, each moment is an opportunity to strengthen the bonds that tie us as a community. Here’s to a fall season filled with joy, peace, and the spirit of the holidays that enrich our lives and fill our hearts with happiness.

Ok, that one was really me…

Central and South Texas ACHE Regent Awards Announced!

It is my pleasure to formally announce the winners of this year’s Central/South Texas ACHE Regent Awards! I want to thank those serving on my Regent Advisory Council (RAC) committee, as they had the charge of reviewing all nominations for both chapters and assisted in the selection process for these well-deserving individuals. Many nominations were received for both chapters and for each award (Early Careerist and Senior Level), and in the end I am proud to be able to recognize these individuals for their contributions to our profession, ACHE, and their community.

ACHE Regent Awards, Texas – Central and Southern

Early Careerist Leadership Award:
Dino Scanio
Corpus Christi, Texas

Senior Level Leadership Award:
Katherine C. Henderson, FACHE
Austin, Texas

Phillip Patterson, FACHE
Waco, Texas

ACHE Congress 2024 – Make those plans now!

Get ready for an extraordinary convergence of healthcare’s brightest minds and visionary leaders at ACHE’s Congress 2024 this coming March! This is your call to join the ranks of the industry’s elite as we chart new territories in innovation, leadership, and patient care. Don’t miss out on the unparalleled opportunities for professional growth, networking, and groundbreaking educational sessions that only ACHE Congress can provide. Register now to secure your place among the vanguard of healthcare professionals. Start planning your journey today and prepare to be inspired, engage with peers, and ignite your passion for excellence. This event promises to be a monumental gathering that will leave you energized and equipped to transform the future of healthcare.

See you there! I will have my mandolin in tow!

Local Events – get involved!

Each chapter continues to deliver quality continuing education events for both ACHE Face-to-Face and other ‘qualified’ credits. Many of these events are rejuvenated since the COVID pandemic, and some are new initiatives. Each chapters’ efforts continuously show growth in attendance, enthusiasm, and significant networking opportunities. Please visit these links below to learn more about these selected events. I have also posted each chapter’s website below to see new/added events since the date of this message.

Regent Reflection – What is your legacy?

I find it imperative to speak on the profound importance of establishing a legacy as a leader within our esteemed organizations. Leadership is not just about the impact we make during our tenure, but the lasting imprint we leave that continues to influence and inspire long after we’ve moved on. It is about planting trees under whose shade we do not plan to sit, nurturing growth, and fostering a culture of excellence that endures. As leaders, we are entrusted with the responsibility of steering the organization towards a brighter future, and in doing so, we must endeavor to create a legacy that acts as a beacon of guidance, a foundation for innovation, and a testament to our commitment to the organization’s mission and values.

This requires leadership that demonstrates competencies at levels which address even the toughest, most antagonistic challenges which may arise within the organization. Such issues may exist for a very good reason, and it will be the leaders who listen to understand and not to respond, address and not discount, and communicate transparently and openly who will leave a legacy that fulfills the needs of the organization to come.

Leaving a legacy is the ultimate contribution to the betterment of our organization, as it transcends the constraints of time and individual contribution. It is about making strategic decisions that have far-reaching positive effects, mentoring the next generation of leaders, and embedding a piece of our vision into the fabric of the organization’s future. As you carve your path within ACHE, I urge you to think about the legacy you wish to leave behind. What do you want to be remembered for? Let it be one that echoes the core principles of leadership excellence, community service, and unwavering dedication to healthcare improvement. In cultivating such a legacy, we ensure not just the success of our peers and the organization today, but also set the stage for a thriving, resilient ACHE that continues to lead the way in healthcare leadership for years to come.

As we approach the holidays and colder weather (thank goodness), ask yourself:

  • “What is my legacy? …what will I be remembered for?”

Happy holidays folks! Now, time for some egg nog, eh?

Be active, be involved, and be present. Lead and follow well. Have fun.

Thanks, Cristian

Cristian Lieneck, PhD, FACHE
Regent for Texas – Central & South
Chapter membership and Fellowship advancement updates:

One of my goals as your Regent this year has been to increase the visibility of our chapters’ servant leaders. This is an ongoing initiative, continuing into 2024, and beyond.

If you want more information on this ACHE-national recognition program, please visit:

I want to congratulate the following ACHE members who have received a Leader-to-Leader point, year-to-date: 

Joel T. Allison, LFACHE
William H. Barnes, LFACHE
Steven J. Brockman-Weber, DNP, RN, FACHE
Jon Calvin, CPA, FACHE
D. Blain Claypool, FACHE
Amanda Gibson
Jon C. Hilsabeck, LFACHE
Byron J. Landor,
Cristian H. Lieneck, PhD, FACHE
Douglas Lance Lunsford, Jr., MBA, FACHE
Doris Morgan
Timothy A. Ols, FACHE
Scott A. Snell
Kevin W. Stevenson, DHA, FACHE
COL Scott J. Stokoe, FACHE
Pete Stoy, FACHE
Wesley J. Tidwell, FACHE
H. Dale Brown, Jr., LFACHE
LT Adam J. Czosek
Evelyn Ferrer
COL Derrick W. Flowers, CPA, FACHE
CPT Miguel F. Garcia
Laura Givens, MD, FACHE
Dean H. Hommer, MD, CPE, FACHE
Josh Jansen, RN
Jorge I. Jurado, FACHE
Amer Kaissi, PhD
CAPT James A. Ketzler, RN, FACHE
John E. Knox, LFACHE
Jorge E. Leal, FACHE
Jessica N. Martinez
Jane E. McCurley, DNP, FACHE
Aniceta C. Mendoza, RN, FACHE
Carlo A. Piraino, Jr., RN, FACHE
James R. Resendez, FACHE
Jody R. Rogers, PhD, LFACHE
Marla Sandoval
Gregory A. Seiler, FACHE
COL Andrew G. Sims, Jr., FACHE
Chris Sloan, FACHE
Jackson B. Wagner

Our Central and South Texas ACHE chapters are happy to welcome the following new ACHE members, year-to-date: 

Dhanashree Abhyankar
Jazbeen Ahmad, MD
Umad Ahmad, MD
Stephanie M. Avery
Amjed S. Baghdadi, FACHE
Nancy Ban
Samuel Barron
Ikemesit O. Bassey, MD
Nabanita Basu, MD
Anna Bella Bellard
Clinton Black, JD
Trevor Black,
Christian Bloomgren
Brian A. Brennan, FACHE
Timothy M. Brierty, LFACHE
Rodger C. Brown, Jr.
Christopher Browning, DPM
Kathleen V. Butler, MD, CPHQ
Perla Cavazos
Migdaly M. Centeno
May M. Chouteau
Bianca Clyde
Kyndell Couch
Christina R. Coyle
Jay Cruz
Mark G. Davies, MD, FACHE
Steven Davis
Ashley M. Dickinson, FACHE
Michael J. Ellis
Lauren Galindo
Umeka Ganjoo
Jose Garcia
Andrew J. Gnann, FACHE
SFC Julie Gray
Prakash Gupta,
Marcus Hall
Jana B. Herbert,RN
Kathryn Hillin
Josef Hobdy
Charles K. Howard
Kimberly N. Howell
Abraham John
Dae Jones,
Meredith S. Jones
Anjum Khurshid, MD, PhD
Crystal N. Kilburn,
Michael Labrador
Jesse H. Laws-Rodriguez
Stephanie Limb
Marie Louise Livanec
Brianna A. Lockett
Nessa Lomax,
Willie Lopez,
Nadya S. Lozano
Justin Macik
Mikka Magee, RN, CRRN
Gilbert G. Marshall, LFACHE
Lilianne A. Matthews
JoAnne Mengelkamp
Carleen M. Merola
Adam C. Messer
Madison Miller
Shelby Miranda
Nadja P. Mitchell
Laronica A. Moise
COL Daniel Moore
Doris Morgan
Joel Neuenschwander
Brandon T. Nicotri
Cody B. Olson
Chris Orchard
Maryann O’Toole
Michael R. Paine
Yasvi Pandya
Dulari N. Patel
LT Nicholas P. Peterlin III,
Se’lah Petty
Briana R. Pizarro
Nicole Pizzi
Danny Pryor
Natalia Quintanilla
Rylie Redden
Kayla M. Remboldt
MSG Yu S. Rhee
Ann M. Rice, FACHE
nazvy N. salinas
Anna Sanders
Lohith Satish
Edgar Saucedo
Keely A. Scamperle, FACHE
Thomas R. Schneider, LFACHE
Mary Schramm
Lucas Schukei
Updeshen Kaur Singh
Christa L. Soules
Sudha Srinivasan
Scott Steele, JD, FACHE
Sam Stone
Andrew B. Thomas
Edith Thomas
Tierra M. Thomas
Darrell A. Thornley
Devi A. Tull
Jarrod R. Turley
Maj Michael G. Turturro, DNP, RN
Ashley Underwood
Matthew Vuckovich
Khelsea Walker
Theophlius Watson, III
Melina I. Wenke
Michael S. Wiggins, DBA, FACHE
Charlene Wilcox, RN
MAJ Jeffrey L. Wilderson, PA-C
Erica Williams
Nikki Williams
Col Wade B. Adair, FACHE
Elmer Adame
HM1 Morounfolu O. Adanri
Yoceline Aguilar
Capt Ashley Alameda
TSgt Kareem A. Alfred
Rosemarie Antonio
Chadi Awad, RN,
Suchetha R. Baddam
Jonathan E. Bailey, LVN
CPT Sanela Balthasar
Hannah C. Barnes
Marivel Barrera
CPT Steven Bettger
Utpal S. Bhalala, MD
Cameron Bibb
Capt Blair Boler
ENS Emma Brindley
Alan F. Brown, MD
Michael C. Campos, RRT
Simon Cardenas,
Marlen Y. Carrillo
Penny Cheagle, PhD,
C A Cintron, MD, FASA
Ryan Coe
Esther M. Cole
Carly Comstock
CPT Tyler D. Connell
Rosalinda Coronado
LT Adam J. Czosek,
CPT Kyler Dabolt
Felicia De La Garza, RN
Ashley M. Dowler
Col Robert S. Driscoll
Toriana Durham
Colleen Eaves, DNP, RN
Todd R. Eaves, FACHE
1Lt Cole Edwards
LT Rian Ellis
MAJ Trevor A. Fitzgerald, FACHE
Patricio R. Flores, RN
Julianne Flynn, MD
Charlotte Friend
Roger M. Galindo, MD
Heron Garcia, MS, N, RN
SFC Joseph R. Garza
COL Matthew Geiman
Xavier F. Gonzales, PhD
CPT Lorraine Gonzalez
Maj Zachary J. Gooch, FACHE
Nadine Griffiths-Brooks
CPT Dylan J. Grigsby
Alyssa Gutierrez
MSG Shelia R. Hamilton
Marsha Hamner
Brig Gen Thomas W. Harrell
Mohamed Hassaballa,
Jesus Hernandez
HM1 David A. Hester,
Eliana J. Hinojosa
Iesha Hinton
Bertina M. Hooks, MD
Rebecca Howard
COL Joseph J. Hudak, III, MD
MAJ Michael Hurst
Jennifer Ibarra
Ikponmwonsa Iredia
Manica Isiguzo, MD,
Liana Jackson
Josh Jansen, RN
HMCS Cedrick L. Jenkins,
Jay Johnson
ENS Joshua A. Johnson
HM2 Samuel Johnson
Patricia A. Jones, DNP
Luisa M. Kahn,
Kathryn A. Kathryn Cruz
Christine M. Keating
Beth Key
Haris A. Khan
MAJ Angelica Kjonnerod
CPT Daniel La Volpa
Julia Le
MAJ Kristine D. Lee
MAJ Courtney Legendre
Jose M. Leiva
Court M. LeMaistre, FACHE
ENS Jordan J. Lewis
Catalina Lopez
Suraj Maraj, MD
TSgt Andrea L. Marquez
Homero Martinez
Omar J. Martinez, PharmD, BCPS
Rick Martinez, MD
James B. Mason
Cruz Mata, APRN, NP
Javier A. Mata, Jr., MD
Douglas A. Matney
CPT Kyle McClure
Denise McMahan, RN
Linda McPherson,
Tait Mele
Capt Jose E. Melendez
MAJ Uriah Meyer
Robert C. Meyers, DBA
1LT Daniel L. Mimm
ENS Alexander A. Moreno
Wendy Moreno, FACHE(R)
Danny Morrison
Capt Lucas A. Musseau
MAJ Eric Neutkens
CPT Huy T. Nguyen,
LTC Sean K. O’Brien, PharmD
HM1 Therese A. Overturf
Maj Katie Pane
LCDR Brent Pavell
1Lt George Peng
Naomi Perez
John Pham-Ta,
Lt Col Archie R. Phlegar, FACHE
MAJ Michael Pikul
CPT Edward Pinzon
Sr. Andrew Plugge
Dori Polito
Alex Powers
Andrea Pruitt
Adway Raje
Terrelle A. Ramsey
Curtis J. Reece
Rhani Resuello
Taylor Ridge
LTC Patrick E. Riley
Mark Roberts
Thomas M. Roberts
HMCS Michael Roby
Jennifer H. Rodriguez, PharmD
SSG Yudamis Rodriguez
Sonia Rogers
Barbara W. Rossmann
Camille F. Roy
Rain O. Rueda
1Lt ( ) Joshua L. Ruiz
Justin N. Ruiz, RN
James Sall, PhD
Derek J. Sanchez
Andrew Seelman, DNP
HM2 Otto M. Seiffe
Rosemary Sergakis, DNP, RN, NE-BC
LTC Dwayne C. Shepherd, RN
Maj Danielle Siler
Emma G. Silva
Ryan S. Simpson, FACHE
Capt Min Sohne
Thomas Spencer, PhD
Maj Yvette Stephenson, APRN, NP
MSgt Lillian L. Stibor
1SG David H. Stout, II
LT Kate Svenson
CPT Daniel Sweet
Chandan Takkar
David A. Tapia, FACHE
Theresa N. Teague O’Connor
Jennifer Thai
Jessy V. Thomas, PharmD
Jordann Thomas
Sophia K. Toledo
Corinne A. Torres
Kennedy C. Ubabuike
COL Aristotle A. Vaseliades, FACHE
Bonifacio Vega,
Oscar Vela, PharmD
Vanessa A. Vela
LTC Michael Villacarlos, DDS
Christopher L. Walker, MD,
Kimberly Weber
CPT Collin Welch,
Paige D. Wentz
Jennifer L. West, RN
MAJ Ian Wheelis, DPT
Capt Tyler S. Whitford
SSgt Shanet’ G. Whittlesey,
Maj Brandon D. Willis,
Capt Matthew T. Wirsing
Chad Wright, PharmD
2LT Erika E. Zachary
Michael D. Zavala, OTD
LCDR Jaime C. Zhunepluas, DBA, FACHE

Congratulations to the following new ACHE Fellows, having recently earned board certification in healthcare management (FACHE status), year-to-date: 

Vanessa Andow, FACHE
Teresa Burroff, FACHE
LTC Michael J. Crivello, FACHE
Paul Donahoo, FACHE
Jose Ferrua, FACHE
Katherine C. Henderson, FACHE
Preetha B. Prithivathi, FACHE
Emily K. Rhine, FACHE
Felix Torres, MD, FACHE
Debra L. Touchette, FACHE
Maj Samantha J. Brown, FACHE
Jorge I. Jurado, FACHE
Jessica Knudsen, FACHE
LTC Sherry Kwon, FACHE
Marco A. Lozano, HCM, FACHE
Kolby T. Parent, FACHE
COL Andrew G. Sims, Jr., FACHE
Daniel Tamez-Gonzalez, DSc, FACHE
If you would like to send a message to the Regent, please use the Regent’s email listed above. Do not reply directly to this email message since your message will go to Volunteer Relations, and not directly to the Regent.

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