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August 4, 2023

Written by: admin_1

Message From Cristian Lieneck, PhD, FACHE
ACHE Regent
Spring 2023

As we continue to navigate the ongoing challenges and changes within the health care industry, ACHE remains committed to providing our members with the latest news, insights, and resources to support their professional development and growth. We had an amazing Congress on Healthcare Leadership in Chicago this past March, and we have exciting events scheduled and more in the works at our regional/local chapter levels. Information on ACHE’s Recognition Program is provided below. Our servant leaders at the local levels deserve to be recognized, and we’ll begin a campaign to push this program to highlight their efforts this next year.

I hope you find this newsletter informative and valuable, and as always, welcome your feedback and suggestions. Know that I communicate all messages to ACHE national as they are brought to me to ensure your voice is heard. Change is happening all around us, and ACHE continues to listen, improve, and support our membership.

Here are some details on your local chapter events with dates approaching soon:

South Texas ACHE Chapter:

Save the date – 1.5 Face-to-Face credit hour continuing education event: June 30, time and location TBD.

For more information on South Texas ACHE:

ACHE Recognition Program – let’s show ACHE national how great we really are this year!

The ACHE Recognition Program was designed to acknowledge the contributions of ACHE members to healthcare management excellence through their volunteer service to their profession, their chapter and ACHE.

Starting today, I’ll be pushing this program and drawing much more attention to it to highlight our servant leaders in both Central and South Texas regions. We have AMAZING leaders doing AMAZING work – and they deserve recognition for their efforts. It is my perception that most of these folks are too busy with volunteerism and therefore do not take (or have) the time to submit their contributions and initiatives to this program at ACHE national.

Ever see folks walking around at an ACHE event with an ACHE lapel pin with one or more stars on it? Using the MyACHE section of the ACHE website (you will have to log-in), service points are submitted and accumulate over time to meet the following service recognition program individual member award levels:

  • Exemplary Service Award (1-star) = 125 points
  • Distinguished Service Award (2-star) = 75 points
  • Service Award (3-star) = 30 points

Have you written a piece for a local chapter newsletter? Have you served as a chapter board member/officer, or even led a chapter committee or special initiative leader? Have you presented at ACHE Congress or served as a mentor in ACHE’s Leadership Mentoring Network (LMN)? These are just some examples of how points are earned in this program – and most of you have earned points that have yet to be reported on this website.

Some service activities are self-reported, others are entered by ACHE on their end. More information can be found here:

Let’s all take some time this summer to sit down and log some of our individual service activities and get those service recognition points logged! Many of you will identify enough activities to immediately qualify for a recognition award. When points are tallied annually, ACHE national will notify members and their chapters of their achievemensts. Members can report activities back to the 2003-2004 Convocation year.

You’ll hear more on this, as I’m making it one of my main Regent initiatives this year to ensure our chapters’ servant leaders get the recognition they deserve. You all do amazing things to support our organization and should be rewarded!

Regent Advisory Council (RAC) appointments

It is with great pleasure to announce this next year’s Regent Advisory Council members:

  • Yessica V. Anguiano Dominguez
  • Robert Bush
  • Dean H. Hommer, MD, CPE, FACHE
  • Kevin W. Stevenson, DHA, FACHE
  • Eric S. Weaver, DHA, FACHE
  • Alan A. Jones, PhD, FACHE
  • Stefan Werdegar

These ACHE leaders will continue to assist by communicating member views, perceptions, and recommendations throughout this next year. I’m grateful for their contributions to our organization.

…oh, and yes they earn ACHE service recognition points for their participation here too!

With COVID over and the World Health Organization declaring it no longer a global health emergency, we begin our return to ‘normal.’ While the virus is still changing, most countries are returning to pre-pandemic norms as the downward trend continues. ACHE has been with us throughout, I am grateful for an organization that offers networking, mentorship, leadership education, and social events for our industry’s best. You all are the leaders of our industry, and it is an honor to begin my second year as your elected Regent.

Now, get out there! The weather is warming up (slowly?) and summer is here. Go for a walk, run, or ride. Call two ACHE colleagues to catch up. Call someone not in ACHE and make sure they know how important it is for them to join and participate.

See you at the next chapter event!

Be active, be involved, and be present. Lead and follow well. Have fun.

Chapter membership and Fellowship advancement updates:

Our Central and South Texas ACHE chapters are happy to welcome the following ACHE members since January 1, 2023:

  • Rosemarie Antonio
  • Christian Bloomgren
  • John T. Bohls
  • Felicia De La Garza, RN, MSN
  • Ann Dixon
  • Nadine Griffiths-Brooks
  • Rebecca Howard
  • Patricia A. Jones, DNP
  • Carleen M. Merola
  • Jackson Spencer
  • Janie Thompson
  • Blake K. Wade
  • Paige D. Wentz
  • Nolan Whitely
  • Yoceline Aguilar
  • Marivel Barrera
  • Clinton Black, JD
  • Charles K. Howard
  • Dae Jones, MSc
  • Denise McMahan, RN
  • Anna Sanders
  • Sam Stone
  • Jessy V. Thomas, PharmD
  • Jennifer L. West, BSN, RN
  • Chadi Awad, RN
  • Nabanita Basu, MD
  • Cameron Bibb
  • Rodger C. Brown, Jr.
  • Penny Cheagle
  • Toriana Durham
  • Mikeshaya Edwards
  • Umeka Ganjoo
  • MSG Shelia R. Hamilton
  • Jana B. Herbert, RN
  • Kimberly N. Howell
  • Meredith S. Jones
  • Suraj Maraj, MD
  • Linda McPherson
  • Madison Miller
  • Jennifer H. Rodriguez, PharmD
  • Lucas Schukei
  • Christa L. Soules
  • Chad Wright, PharmD
  • Manica Isiguzo, MD
  • Josh Jansen, RN
  • Catalina Lopez
  • Rick Martinez, MD
  • Michael R. Paine
  • Justin N. Ruiz,, RN
  • Sudha Srinivasan
  • Oscar Vela, PharmD
  • Khelsea Walker
  • Chris Orchard

Congratulations to the following new ACHE Fellows, having recently earned board certification in healthcare management (FACHE status) since January 1, 2023:

  • Katherine C. Henderson, FACHE
  • Debra L. Touchette, FACHE
  • Jessica Knudsen, FACHE

Congratulations to the following Recertified ACHE Fellows, having recently recertified their board certification in healthcare management (FACHE status) since January 1, 2023:

  • David A. Bitterman, FACHE
  • Bonnie J. Clipper, DNP, RN, FACHE
  • Nathan C. Rauch, FACHE
  • Cris Rivera, FACHE
  • Geronimo M. Rodriguez, Jr., FACHE
  • Michael C. Zucker, FACHE
  • Joe K. Hopkins, FACHE
  • Kevin W. Barron, FACHE
  • Thomas McKinney, FACHE
  • Chris Sloan, FACHE
  • Travis L. Smith, FACHE
  • Maria L. Talamo, RN, FACHE
  • Cristian H. Lieneck, PhD, FACHE
  • Christin Cross, FACHE
  • Sarah E. Guerard, FACHE
  • Nicole L. Leonard, FACHE
  • Arthur J. Martorana, JD, FACHE
  • Joseph T. Piszczor, FACHE
  • Kevin W. Stevenson, DHA, MBA, FACHE

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