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March 6, 2023

Written by: John Whittem

With the warmer weather beginning to arrive and spring on the horizon, it is a great time to celebrate our Central and South Texas regions’ successes. We are all continuing to pull ourselves out of those COVID hideaways, ice-frozen homes, etc. – and venture out to more continuing education and networking events again! It is good to see the attendance levels rise and the enthusiasm and leadership initiatives flourish. Keep it up Central and South Texas Chapters!


To demonstrate this energy and leadership, check out this video that our Central Texas chapter produced out of their recent Banquet and Awards Dinner, held last December.


Spring is in the air, and great things are happening. I’m excited about our organization’s future events to come!


Central and South Texas ACHE Chapter recent events summary


  1. Healthcare Landscape 2023 – South Texas Chapter


This past January, our South Texas Chapter successfully rejuvenated our region’s Healthcare Landscape event with great success. For those of you who attended Healthcare Landscape events in the past – this one was different, and better! As our region’s chapter leadership continues to deliver, they continue to impress. We had a new venue, new presentation topics, and new panel participants! We even had professional resume reviews and an opportunity for new profile pictures/headshots!


  1. Texas Hospital Association (THA) Horace Cardwell ACHE Affiliates Breakfast and 2 Face-to-Face panels – Central Texas Chapter


Also held this past January, our Central Texas chapter coordinated a successfully rejuvenated ACHE member breakfast meeting in downtown Austin at the 2023 THA Annual Conference. Following this networking event, two panels were on the agenda and included presentations on diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as best practices in developing unique partnerships in communities. In all, more than 75 attended sessions.


South Texas-ACHE Regent Awards presented at Healthcare Landscape in San Antonio


The 2022 Regent Awards for our South Texas chapter/region were presented as the final scheduled event at the recent ST-ACHE’s Healthcare Landscape conference. It is my pleasure to recognize the following ST-ACHE leaders based on their nominations received last fall for the 2022 Regent Awards:



ST-ACHE Senior Level Award:

LTC Chani A. Cordero, FACHE



Early Careerist Award:

Pressanna J. Parackal, DNP, RN



Many nominations were received, and I want to again thank those who submitted nominations on their colleagues’ behalf to formally recognize our leaders’ accomplishments. Recognizing our region’s leaders has been one of the most fulfilling responsibilities I’ve experienced to-date while serving as your ACHE Regent.


2023 Congress on Healthcare Leadership – Here we go!


By the time you are reading this message, registration for our national organization’s premiere annual event will be underway. I am excited to see what this year’s ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership will bring, to include the old and the new. It will be so good to be back, especially since I was unable to attend at the last minute last year. I encourage all attendees to attend as many education, networking, and social events as possible this year! Find out more, and register HERE.


Looking forward to it! Let’s represent central and south Texas well this year at Congress!!!


Hey ChatGPT, ‘who is a healthcare leader?’


Ok, so I’m having a little fun here folks… As an academic, my world continues to be turned upside-down as technology continues to change and adapt – this includes the recent developments in open artificial intelligence (AI) language models such as ChatGPT. Controversial, yep, but also interesting, and kind of fun – and not always correct by the way. Just as we have adapted to graphing calculators and even laptops in the classrooms, this development will also be infused into our everyday lives as it continues to be improved and accepted.


Here’s an example. I asked my friend ChatGPT, ‘who is a healthcare leader?’:


A healthcare leader is someone who has a significant role in managing, directing, or leading a healthcare organization or institution. This can include executives, administrators, managers, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who hold leadership positions.


Healthcare leaders are responsible for making strategic decisions, developing policies and procedures, managing budgets, improving quality of care, and ensuring patient safety. They must also stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in medicine and technology, as well as changes in healthcare regulations and policies.


Examples of healthcare leaders include hospital CEOs, medical directors, clinical managers, nursing supervisors, and health system administrators. They are essential in driving innovation, implementing new technologies, and improving healthcare outcomes for patients.


Retrieved online on February 26, 2023 from


Sounds good. However, I just need to take another quick glance at our membership to understand who is a healthcare leader. All of us. Great job Central and South Texas – keep it up!


Be active, be involved, and be present. Lead and follow well. Have fun.


Chapter membership and Fellowship advancement updates:


Our Central and South Texas ACHE chapters are happy to welcome the following ACHE members since January 1, 2023:


  • Ann Dixon
  • Anna Sanders
  • Blake K. Wade
  • Carleen M. Merola
  • Christian Bloomgren
  • Clinton Black
  • Dae Jones
  • Denise McMahanRN
  • Felicia De La Garza, RN
  • Jackson Spencer
  • Janie Thompson
  • Jennifer L. West, RN
  • Jessy V. Thomas, PharmD
  • John T. Bohls
  • Marivel Barrera
  • Nadine Griffiths-Brooks
  • Nolan Whitely
  • Paige D. Wentz
  • Patricia A. Jones, DNP
  • Rebecca Howard
  • Rosemarie Antonio
  • Sam Stone
  • Yoceline Aguilar


Congratulations to the following new ACHE Fellows, having recently earned board certification in healthcare management (FACHE status) since January 1, 2023:


  • Debra L. Touchette, FACHE
  • Jessica Knudsen, FACHE
  • Katherine C. Henderson, FACHE


Congratulations to the following Recertified ACHE Fellows, having recently recertified their board certification in healthcare management (FACHE status) since January 1, 2023:


  • Cris Rivera, FACHE
  • David A. Bitterman, FACHE
  • Geronimo M. Rodriguez Jr., FACHE
  • Michael C. Zucker, FACHE
  • Nathan C. Rauch, FACHE


Thanks, Cristian



Cristian Lieneck, PhD, FACHE

Regent for Texas-Central and South


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