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March 23, 2022

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Students work toward a career and professional goals through the academic environment, but other resources help advance many of these students a faster rate. For many students at the undergraduate and graduate level, engagement in the local chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives provides an extra layer of insight and experience that can be significantly rewarding.

Yessica Anguiano, a student at Texas State University, has been actively involved with the ACHE Central Texas chapter by volunteering on the education committee, attending professional educational and networking events, and encouraging student engagement.

“As a young careerist, ACHE involvement allows you to expand your network and gain valuable insight from health care executives,” Anguiano said.

Not only has ACHE assisted with her professional development, but it also provided her with a scholarship to attend the 2022 ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership in Chicago, which will expand her access to health care trends and prepare her for her upcoming internship in the summer.

The ACHE Central Texas chapter educates and inspires future health care leaders by fostering meaningful involvement through networking events, mentorships, and educational programs. These opportunities enable personal and professional growth while helping to identify passions and interest in the health care industry.

In addition to these resources, students are encouraged to volunteer in a Central Texas chapter committee. Committee involvement allows students to work with established health care professionals and develop perspectives to complicated issues. Volunteering helps strengthens leadership and critical thinking skills as students complete education and professional careers. Time on these committees enhance experience as a student member and demonstrate commitment and passion.

Students are encouraged to begin by attending the chapter’s educational programs and events. These programs engage audiences in an array of topics with health care executives at networking opportunities and utilize their critical thinking skills.

Take a look at upcoming events on the ACHE Central Texas chapter website at

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