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October 5, 2019

Written by: admin

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Call for Nominations for ACHE CTX 2020 Board of Directors

Nominations due by October 18th 2019

We are now accepting nomination applications for two available seats on the 2020 ACHE Central Texas Chapter Board of Directors. All members of ACHE CTX in good standing may nominate themselves or others for consideration. Nominations should be submitted along with a brief expression of interest with resume by the deadline to Anita Soares at

1. Educational Programs Director
Develops at least quarterly, educational programs to support the needs of chapter members to advance to Fellow and serves as Chair of the Program Committee. Is an ACHE member in good standing and commits to participating in the monthly Board of Directors Meetings missing no more than two Board meetings annually.

2. Social Networking Director
Serves as the primary lead for organizing and planning the Chapter’s social networking events. Is an ACHE member in good standing, attends the Chapter’s social networking events, and coordinates with other Committee Chairs such as Programs and Volunteers to enhance alignment with Chapter priorities and support member engagement. Attendance to Board of Director Meetings is expected.

Call for Self Nomination to any of the 8 Central Texas Chapter’s standing Committees:
1. Educational Programs
2. Local Program Council (LPC)
3. Communication
4. Membership
5. Sponsorship
6. Diversity and Inclusion
7. Physician Executive Group
8. Volunteer

Thank you for your support of our great chapter!


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